Bea's transformation into the Green Fury
The Green Fury flies

The heroine we currently know as Fire was created in the late seventies by writer E. Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon in the pages of the Super Friends comic, a spin-off of the succesful TV series. Such as the TV series, the Super Friend comic books used to feature a lot of foreign and/or minority super-heroes Click on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's debutClick on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's debut in their pages, though they were different from those shown on TV. The Green Fury was one of the most highlighted international heroes in the Super Friends comics. She made her debut in the pages of Super Friends #25 and also guest-starred in Super Friends #42. In the final issue of the Super Friends series, she was the de facto star, having her origin told in a "full-length 25-page novel" titled "The Demons from Green Hell", by E. Nelson Bridwell and Romeo Thangal (Super Friends #47).

Click on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's debutClick on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's originGreen Fury was Beatriz da Costa. Her father was a researcher who had to do a job deep in the Amazon Jungle, which is called by some people O Inferno Verde (The Green Hell) because of the threats it may house for whoever does not belong in it. Despite that, Bea's mother, Carlota, in her last months of pregnancy, insisted to go along her husband into the jungle, and started to deliver the baby in the middle of the Amazon. Her father sought help and eventually found it in a primitive Indian village of the Ge people, where Beatriz was born. Soon after she was born, the headman and shaman of the tribe told Bea's parents that the spirits of the sky told him she was chosen to receive great powers. Click on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's origin Immediately after telling this, the shaman started a magic dancing and singing ritual.

As she grew up, Bea never believed she was really given any magical powers until she was fifteen, when she was telepathically contacted by the shaman, who told what her powers were and how to use them. He told Bea she could change the color of her eyes from smoldering black to flaming green and from her dazzling green eyes shoot sparks able to create illusions, allowing her to breathe the green flame which would envelope her and change her into The Green Fury without being noticed by anyone.

Her dazzling eyes could create virtually any illusion she wanted. She had a great deal of control on her flame-breath, she could breathe from chilling cold to melting hot flames and even fly, by propelling herself with a blast of flame-breath.Click on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's origin

In this pre-Crisis version, although she was very beautiful and attractive, Bea never intended to be a model. She was a top executive who, after meeting Bruce Wayne in Gotham City - and battling the Green Thumb alongside Batman and the Super Friends - became the head of the Brazilian branch of Wayne Enterprises, located in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. There are no references to Rio de Janeiro in the Green Fury era. Bruce became suspicious that The Green Fury could be Beatriz da Costa, but thought he was wrong because the colors of their eyes were radically different. The Green Fury only revealed her true identity to Batman and the other Super Friends in SF #47, when she told them all her origins and asked for their help against the magic of the evil son of the shaman who gave her powers.
Click on thumbnails to see clips of Green Fury's origin
In June, 1982, the Global Guardians, and the Green Fury, were introduced to DC's mainstream continuity, in the pages of DC Comics Presents #46, written by E. Nelson Bridwell and pencilled by Alex Saviuk, in which Superman teamed up with the team.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Green Fury defended her home country from the Antimonitor's shadows, teaming up with the Lieutenants Marvel.
Green Fury in the Crisis, by Alex Ross and George Pérez

In the 1985 Who's Who, we see her in a new uniform. Although the uniform is the same she wears when she joins the JLI, she was still a masked crimefighter.

Crisis brought up significant changes to our favorite heroine. The first changes, though, were minor ones: Right after Crisis, she, as a Guardian, guest-starred in Infinity INC. #34-36, with a new codename - Green Flame, probably to avoid any confusion with Fury (Lyta Hall), the Infinitor.

Green Flame left the Global Guardians when they lost U.N. support and managed to join the Justice League International, along with her best friend, Ice Maiden II. Then, her origin was retold and totally changed in Secret Origins #33, in which her powers were also dramatically limited to the ability to merely breathe hot flames (at least until Invasion!), and she became the character we currently know. Also, there's no reference to her wearing a mask, even though she wears it twice after Crisis: in the story arc with the Infinity INC. and in the History of the DC Universe.